How routines help me to recharge

July 28, 2021

Almost two weeks ago I moved to a new place to live on my own.

It was a tough decision to change the life I used to know for many years in such a fundamental way but it more and more feels like the best thing I could do.

Sometimes in order to get something better you have to end another thing. Something else I had to learn recently.

I took this change as an opportunity to restructure my life. Of course with the change I already restructured it fundamentally, but I also wanted to establish new routines. Here is what I worked out so far.

First off, I still have the morning routine I established many months ago: Drinking some water first thing in the morning, having breakfast, stretching, meditating for 10 minutes, and journaling for some time afterwards. Then I would get to work.

Next, I set myself a time block where I would work. In the past I often find myself working way longer than healthy, so I decided to define a rough time when I would end the work day. There needs to be time for myself, to recharge and relax.

After work and mental activity I get some physical activity in. I'm working out in my home gym for 1.5 hours on most weekdays, if not I go for a long walk or a bike ride. It doesn't matter what exact activity I'm doing, just getting active in a way.

Then I'm cooking dinner and my free time starts. Before sunset I go for a short walk outside every single day (that's a new habit I've been establishing over the last month). The rest of the day is spent doing activities I enjoy, for example watching movies or YouTube videos, playing video games, editing photos, or reading a book.

That makes a total of 2 hours physical activity every day, around 8 hours of working time, and I aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night. That's my current daily schedule.

Since I'm living on my own now I have a better focus on these activities and it's easier for me to stick to the habits that mean something to me. I feel good that way.

What's most important is that I get enough rest in. Not just by means of sleep, but also time off work. I'm a heavy worker and if I could I probably would be working on things I love all day but that's just not possible, so I'm seeking balance in order to be able to perform even better.

In the end, it all comes down to finding the right balance. This is a long and tough journey whose destination may never be reached completely, but I'm on it and I'm not going to quit.

Having this loose structure ensures that I get some crucial rest time in, and that's what I need.

To sum it up: The lesson of the day (or week or month or whatever) is to take the necessary actions to ensure sufficient time to recharge.

For me this gets easier by setting some kind of daily structure or routines but I'm sure there are many other ways to find time off.

ジャーニー (Jānī) is Japanese for journey.

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