Last Updated: July 31, 2021

On this page I keep everything I’ve learned since starting to develop websites, and what I want to learn in the future.

Next Up


  • Learned how to use the WebSocket API
  • Taught myself basic Express
  • Built a web app using Express, React, WebSockets and JS and hosted it on Heroku, a site to control the door of a wooden key box, as part of my bachelor thesis
  • Built a web app using Gatsby, React, Trello's REST API, and SCSS, a site to display stats about weekly points during Sprints in a Scrum team
  • Learned how to use Prismic as a headless CMS
  • Built my personal blog using Gatsby, React and Prismic
  • Taught myself how to use CSS in JS libraries for React (linaria and styled-components)
  • Taught myself basic TypeScript
  • Learned to use NextJS and built a first website with it


  • Built a website using PHP, HTML, CSS and TYPO3, a site for my university's student racing team
  • Taught myself basic React
  • Learned to use Gatsby and built a first website with it
  • Built a website using React, Gatsby and NetlifyCMS and hosted it on Netlify, a site showcasing photos I took


  • Learned to use the CMS TYPO3 during a six-month internship
  • Used PHP, HTML, CSS, and the CMS Contao to build my first website for a client
  • Taught myself basic C#
  • Developed a 3D RPG game using Unity and C#, as part of a university project
  • Built an app prototype using PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL, a social app with gamification elements to combat loneliness, as part of a university project


  • Taught myself basic HTML, CSS, and PHP
  • Built my first website using PHP, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, a recipe management site
  • Built a website using HTML, CSS, and JS, a site about Japan

ジャーニー (Jānī) is Japanese for journey.

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