Our most powerful creation - time

September 28, 2021

To some, time is a gift. To some, it is the enemy. But above all, it is our own creation.

Time passes. Always. Everywhere.

All living beings have their time on Earth, but we humans are the only ones that track it. Animals don't care how much time has passed or what time it is, they simply live. They don't stress.

We humans made time become something greater. By measuring it and using it to structure our lives we gave it importance. Power.

Time can make us incredibly happy if we spend it doing things we like to do with people we love.

But it can also make us feel helpless, stressed, sad, angry.

Like everything in life, measuring time brings both positive and negative upon us.

To me, time always felt like the enemy. To me, it seemed scarce, like there isn't enough. Not enough time to enjoy watching TV, not enough time to start that new hobby, not enough time to dedicate to all the things I want to do.

The feeling of time pressure is accompanying me throughout my life since forever. No matter if it was to get chores in the house done, deciding how to spend free time, or what I want to do for the rest of my life.

We let time become so important that it has incredible power over us.

Pondering over things that are gone and we wished would have lasted longer can make us depressed.

Thinking too much about time, worrying we might have too little, can destroy us in the end.

But time can also be the reason we feel good again.

I have learned that time is able to heal wounds. That it can help us forget, but also accept what has happened, what is gone, what we regret, what we can't have again.

Ultimately, time is what makes life special.

Memories are so precious because they capture a moment in time that will never come again. Only because the moment has passed did it become a memory that can fill us with happiness every time we think of it.

If time wouldn't pass some things wouldn't change, some good things could stay forever.

But would they still be special if they are there forever?

Sometimes it's not easy to realize this, but it's the truth - moments are valuable because their existence, their time is limited.

A vacation is valuable because it's not all year round. Time with people is valuable because they won't stay with us forever.

If we learn to appreciate time as it is without letting it control us, we can become truly happy.

Moments can be lived through that pass, but stay with us forever.

People can come into our lives and leave, but stay with us forever.

We can make time our ally by appreciating what it gives to us. By allowing it to teach us how to treasure the good, accept the bad, and move on.

Time isn't the enemy. Time is what makes life the way it is. Special.

ジャーニー (Jānī) is Japanese for journey.

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