Passions are what drives me

April 7, 2021

I'm a passionate person. I mean it.

I do not like doing things, I love doing them.

I do not like a book, movie or artist, I obsess with it.

I've always had this great passion and empathy inside of me to give to anything or anyone that I come to like a lot. When there's something I truly care about, it most often becomes a passion of mine.

When I was a child, I was obsessed with a certain book series. I would spend all day reading and imagining the adventures I would take in the world the books created.

Later I really enjoyed a video game series with a touching storyline, a unique setting and world. I was completely immersed in it, learning everything about it I could.

In high school I discovered music as an expression of thoughts and aid to cope with problems. Songs that made me feel understood in a way I never knew before lead to me becoming the biggest fan of the band.

This passion for the things I love enables me to go to great lengths. Never be tired of doing activities related to them. Working on things that help me embrace it. Spending time immersing myself in thoughts about it.

My determination and compassion certainly gives me strength to keep going, to always do what I think is best. Improving myself, my life and those of others. Helping others. Connecting with others.

This trait of my personality is something I just realized now. I have the ability to care so deeply for what seems like the smallest things to others that I have the power to do all it takes to embrace them.

Working day and night to reach a goal I'm passionate about, giving all my time to people I love, being consistent about habits and routines.

I can be grateful for it, and I am.

I'm still discovering myself a little more every day.

ジャーニー (Jānī) is Japanese for journey.