Small decisions, big impact

April 25, 2021

Small decisions can lead to big things.

One decision can change not only your own life but also those of others.

Sometimes we overthink things for which we already know how we want them to be. For which we have already made a decision, somewhere deep inside of us.

If we look close enough we might just see how we truly want to decide. If there was nothing holding us back. Nothing influencing our decision-making, distorting what's in our hearts.

Too often it happens that we turn down a decision, we do not act although we want to. We push away the urge to do something because we don't know how we should do it. If we should do it at all.

Too often things are left undone. Words left unspoken. Too often we miss opportunities to live a happier life, to make others happier, just because we didn't take action. Because we didn't act the way our heart was telling us to.

When deciding on something it's easy to just do nothing. Change nothing. Let everything be as it is. Feeling like we don't need to decide when in reality this way we decided to do nothing.

But small decisions can lead to big things.

And I'm not only talking about habits, starting with one small thing at a time to build up momentum and change your life in the long term.

I'm talking about trying that new hobby you've always wanted to try, learning that new skill you're ever so fascinated about, getting in touch with that person you haven't talked to in a while but think about all the time.

No matter what it is and no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, it can change your life to do just one step.

Pick up pen and paper and write just a few sentences to start with and you may end up realizing you really like writing. Giving it a try to play the guitar just once so you can see how much fun it is. Send a short "How you're doing" message to that person that's on your mind.

Sometimes we know what we want all along. We just have to listen to it, stop overthinking, and start. Just go for it. Try it.

We never know how much the simple decision to start will influence our future.

Maybe it leads to becoming a writer who shares thoughts on a blog every day, inspiring others who read them. Maybe it leads to becoming a musician who finds great pleasure and a new form of satisfaction and enjoyment in spending their free time playing the guitar. Maybe it leads to a precious friendship that enables you to see what truly makes you happy in life, one that opens doors for your dreams to come true.

And in the end, it all started with a decision to start. To take action.

It can be the seemingly smallest, most insignificant decisions that can change your life for good.

Never underestimate the power of doing what your heart truly wants.

Never underestimate the value it can bring to your life if you make the decision to do something.

ジャーニー (Jānī) is Japanese for journey.