The endless journey of learning

March 25, 2021

Excitement. That's what I felt when I woke up today.

Excited to continue to work on what I started yesterday.

Excited to learn and grow.

Right now I'm in the first phase of my career as a freelance web designer and developer, I'm just starting out. I didn't have a client yet and am still actively planning and thinking about what I want to offer to the world.

Every day since late February, I've been sitting down and wrote, wrote and wrote. Noting down what I like to do. What lights me up. What I can do well. What my mission is.

With every written word, the picture in my head becomes more clear. More visible.

I'm still adding new ideas to the list today after a month of writing my first note, I'm still refining everything.

But though there may be things to be thought of, planned and structured still, I'm excited every single day. Though it sometimes feels like my goal of having a successful career that gives me freedom may be very far away.

Right now, I'm building up something great. I'm building my future. The base for my independence, freedom and happiness. The system that will help not only me to thrive, but also others.

And that's what brings me ultimate happiness - being of help to others. Having an impact on other's lives. Making a difference. Improving just a little bit at a time.

While I've been searching for my life purpose, my mission or whatever you may call it for years and still am learning something new every day, I think I may have discovered the core of it.

I want to make a difference.

I want to help people.

I want to learn, grow and discover.

I want to improve.

For a person like me, knowing this is a life changer. I only noticed my need for a purpose and a greater understanding of my aspirations when the end of high school was approaching and everyone started talking about "What do you want to do after school? Who do you want to be?". These decisions seemed daunting, yet they came closer and closer.

Only knowing the answer to these questions as of today, I feel like I was only able to find true inner peace and happiness through this.

I thought I learned who I am and who I want to be over the last months and years, diving deep into my personality, consuming endless numbers of resources on personal growth.

But what I discover lately is that this process is never finished.

I'm learning something new about myself every day, with every thought I make, with every action I take.

It can seem disengaging to realize you never reach the end destination, never reach "the goal" of knowing yourself to the core, but for me it's exciting.

I love to learn. I love to improve. I love to grow. Without learning something new every day, I feel like a wilting plant. It helps me grow, and I need to grow in order to be able to stretch my leaves out to catch light. To catch happiness.

Instead of stressing over reaching an end goal that may never be reached, I'm enjoying the journey.

In the end, isn't life about the journey rather than the destination?

ジャーニー (Jānī) is Japanese for journey.