The power of our minds

April 19, 2021

The mind is powerful.

It can make us feel incredibly good or at our lowest.

It can be the source of ideas that can change the world.

Our minds are capable of influencing our lives and those of others in ways we maybe won't ever realize.

Sometimes it's easy to see what we want. What we need.

Sometimes our mind show us exactly that.

But it can also trick us. Make us believe that what we're doing is what we want. What we need.

There may be times where we get so lost in what we thought would be the right way for us, the thing we always wanted in the back of our minds, that we aren't able to see what we truly want.

Sometimes our mind makes us believe that we're happy with how things are when we aren't.

It's easy to be comfortable. To never change. To accept how things are, for the sake of the happiness of others.

It's easy to believe that things are how they are supposed to be. Because then we can be happy with how it is.

But can we?

It's hard to see through the mist that accumulates in our minds with time. The clouds that distort our vision, our feeling for what it truly is that we want.

Sometimes it may take long to realize that there is no plain sight. That what we think is good for us in reality isn't.

Sometimes it may take years to figure out that we've been living a life we don't really want to live.

That there's so much more for us in store.

That there's a place where our dreams can become reality.

Seeing through the mist, through what we thought we want, what we thought we need.

Using the power of our minds to shape the life we want, not being deceived into thinking there is no way for our dreams.

Using it's power to take action.

ジャーニー (Jānī) is Japanese for journey.