Why we need to take risks

April 21, 2021

Life gives us rules. Society gives us rules. We ourselves give us rules.

For most time of our days, we are guided by them.

We follow those rules to fit in, to have a structure, to fulfill expectations.

It can be easy to do what rules tell us, no matter where they come from. Be it from our experiences, society, or specific people we value.

It's nice to play it save. To have something to hold on to. To be part of something bigger.

Sticking to what we know and what others found works well can be a good thing.

But where do we end up if we keep following those rules all the time? If we don't push ourselves outside of our comfort zones? If we don't try something new?

Life has so much to offer in any aspect and if we don't take risks, we may never experience what it holds for us.

Looking beyond the boundaries set by rules and expectations enables us to go to great lengths. To find adventures. To get that adrenaline kick. To find happiness.

Life is too short to stick to rules. Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken.

Sometimes we need to take a step further, embrace the unknown, and take a risk.

Jump from that cliff. Go on that solo trip. Tell that person how you feel. Do that stupid thing.

Because it's not the moments we spent following rules but those we were free of them that stay in our minds. The adventures that create lasting memories. The experiences that make us feel alive.

Don't stay in one place all the time. Don't do the same thing all the time.

Do what you've always wanted but been afraid of because you are being told you can't.

Go out there and take that risk. Allow yourself to feel alive.

It will be worth it.

ジャーニー (Jānī) is Japanese for journey.